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Shelby County Airport-Paving Maintenance

There is a quickly approaching pavement maintenance project at Shelby County Airport in Alabama. The Optional Virtual Pre-Bid will be tomorrow 03-21-24 at 10am. The bid opening will be one week from tomorrow 03-28-24 at 2pm. Below is some basic information about the project and the QuestCDN project number.

Runway 16-34 Pavement Maintenance:

Base Bid

Pavement Marking
Joint & Crack Repair
Paint & Rubber Removal

Add. Alt. 1

Pavement Marking
Paint Removal (Conflicting Markings) Project Number 8958856

Please respond to this email to receive the Virtual Pre-Bid meeting link and calendar invite.

Apologies for the short notice. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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