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The success of APEX Alabama is dependent upon the expertise of its professional staff, and this expertise must continually evolve and expand.  As a small business in Alabama, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest level assistance in government contracting.  All of our procurement specialists must obtain – and maintain – a certification standard established by the national Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC).

Anyone can offer medical advice, but wouldn’t you rather talk with a real doctor?

The same thing can be said for procurement assistance.

All of our procurement specialists have achieved one of the following certifications:

  • Level 1: Contracting Assistance Specialist (CAS)
  • Level 2: Associate Contracting Assistance Specialist (ACAS)
  • Level 3: Certified Contracting Assistance Specialist (CCAS)

Alabama PTAC group photoThese certifications are based upon general levels of formal education, professional experience, specialized procurement training and additional factors such as contributions to the field of procurement assistance. A written exam is required for Level 3 (CCAS) certification.

A new certification standard was established in 2010, and one of our business advisors was the first person in the US to obtain this certification.  The Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) is based upon demonstrated capability and knowledge in the wide range of subject areas required for successful procurement counseling.   The CPP both defines procurement assistance as a unique and rigorous profession and recognizes those who have achieved mastery of it.  Procurement specialists must have a minimum of two years experience advising businesses in government contracting, complete the specified curriculum of Defense Acquisition University courses or their equivalents, and submit verification of their competence in all items on the Core Knowledge/Skills Form to be eligible for certification.

Ready to get started? Contact an APEX Procurement Specialist today: 

For any small business needs that are not procurement-related, talk with our partner organization, the Alabama SBDC (Small Business Development Center).  Our APEX Procurement Specialists are located with SBDC Business Advisors in 7 locations throughout Alabama.

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