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The Town of Allgood is accepting Requests for Qualifications from qualified engineering firms to
provide professional engineering services for a FY 2024 Community Development Block Grant
(CDBG) project available through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
(ADECA), if awarded.
The town proposes to select a Project Engineer by this solicitation for use on any projects or future
CDBG grant applications funding for a period of three years after their selection as the Municipality’s
Engineering service provider based on this RFQ.
The scope and services desired shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
1. CDBG Application Phase:
• Preliminary Engineering including Cost Estimates, Preliminary Engineering Report, and
Maps for CDBG application.
2. CDBG Post-Application Phase, if applicable:
• Design and Specifications including bid alternates.
• Preparation of Bid Documents, Bid Advertisements, Bid Openings.
• Obtain all necessary permits for project implementation.
• Conduct Pre-Bid and Preconstruction Meetings.
• Engineering observation during construction work to completion to possibly include
preparing change orders and/or amendment paperwork, if applicable.
The selected firm shall also assist the town, through its contractor payment certification authority, to
ensure full compliance of construction activities with applicable Federal and State
regulations, including, but not limited to, compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act, and any state
project requirements such as adherence to E-Verify, and the Beason-Hammons Act.
The Qualification Packages submitted by qualified firms must include the following sections:
1. Personnel Qualifications (Up to 2 Pages – 10 Points Possible)
Provide the professional credentials and expertise of the key personnel who are anticipated to
perform work on the anticipated contract. This section may include each person’s role within the
firm and descriptions of their relevant experience on similar grant projects/activities.
2. CDBG Project Experience (Up to 3 Pages – 25 Points Possible)
Information must be included that summarizes and documents the respondent’s qualifications and
recent experiences with projects that are similar in scope to the proposed tasks contained in this RFQ.
A special focus should be given to CDBG projects conducted in small, rural communities. At a
minimum, the following information should be included for each comparable project: Types of
activities conducted; dates work was performed; size and scale of geographic area for the project; type
of grant funds used, if applicable; and total cost of contract.
3. Project Performance Capacity (Up to 3 Pages – 15 Points Possible)
This section should include the activities the respondent firm can provide to accomplish the expected
outcomes listed within the Project Overview section of this notice. At minimum, provide a detailed
explanation of the firm’s methodology and approach to contract scheduling and task/activity
monitoring, an outline of proposed methods of coordination with the town’s program management
and/or administrative personnel, and detail the expected extent of construction observation anticipated.
1. Submission
Qualification Packages must be submitted in a sealed envelope containing the following documents:
Two (2) hard copies and one (1) digital copy in PDF format on a CD or USB drive. Hard copies of the
Qualification Packages should not exceed 8 pages. Packages are due by 3pm on June 12th, 2023.
Submittals must be mailed, or hand delivered to:
Town of Allgood
Attention: Teresa Coin, Town Clerk
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 150, Allgood, Alabama 35013
Physical Address: 4801 Old Hwy 75, Allgood, Alabama 35013
2. Evaluation
Qualification Packages will be reviewed by town staff and the project’s grant administrator using the
selection criteria described below. The town will contact the selected firm by close of business on June
13, 2023. The town and the selected firm will begin contract negotiations following the selection of
the firm.
3. Selection
Below is a description of the selection criteria for this RFQ:
Qualifications Package Section Points Possible per Section
Personnel Qualifications 10
CDBG Project Experience 25
Project Performance Capacity 15
Total Points Possible 50
The activities outlined in this RFQ are contingent on grant funding available through the Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The project will not be conducted if grant funds are
unavailable. The CDBG grant application is due by noon on July 24th, 2023.
Respondents may submit inquiries for interpretation of this RFQ via email to Teresa Coin, Town Clerk
for the Town of Allgood, at or 205-274-7138.

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