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New Login Process for Coming June 29th

Date/Time: June 29, 2018

Details: To further increase security and deter fraud, is partnering with to implement multi-factor authentication for all registered users.

To create the user account, you need to:

1.       know the email address associated with your username and password

2.       have access to that email to receive a confirmation email from, and

3.       have a working phone (cell phone or landline) to receive a security code from

Please share with your teams the following information:

·         Before June 29th – Make sure you know the email address associated with your current user account (after June 29th, the username and password won’t work and you won’t be able to find the email information without contacting the Federal Service Desk)

·         Review the FAQs located at

SBA is also communicating via email to several groups of users, and plans to send the attached emails beginning this week to:

·         Group 1: Entities with registrations expiring between now and July 31, 2018

·         Group 2: Users with system accounts and data access roles

·         Group 3: Federal users  (those with data access roles, roles with Federal entities, and those with email-based access to FOUO data)

As always, for no-cost assistance with, and for all of your contracting needs, contact your local PTAC Procurement Specialist.
(Remember, you do not have to pay anyone anything to register in!)

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