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One of the easiest and most effective ways to do business with the federal government as a prime vendor is through Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAPs), commonly referred to as “No-Bid Contracts”.

Out of the many opportunities for Alabama’s small businesses to compete for federal contracts, why are SAPs considered so important?  When the federal government needs a fast, low-cost way to purchase items, it turns to the Simplified Acquisition Procedures. In fact, SAPs priced between $2,500 and $100,000 are set aside exclusively for small businesses (but only if the purchasing agency receives competitive offers from a minimum of two qualified vendors).

SAPs allow purchasing officers to skip the formal bidding process, which can be slow, expensive, and full of red tape.  When formal bidding is not required, small business vendors have faster and cheaper access to contracting opportunities.

Have you worked with one of our procurement specialists to get your business registered in or migrated to  That is only the first of many steps.  Don’t expect a flood of offers to come in after completing their SAM registration.  Since many SAPs are never formally advertised, contracting officers may simply call a few vendors for quotes and then select the one with the best offer.  If the contracting officer doesn’t know you or your company – or why your company is better than the competition, why would you expect them to call you?  Some small businesses in Alabama get lucky; The contracting officer finds a company in the yellow pages or somewhere online.  If yo don’t assertively market your company to potential buyers (contracting officers), you may never hear about these no-bid contracts.  Like any endeavor in business or in life, the time and effort that you invest into pursuing government contracts can result in significant sales and growth for your business.

Why go it alone?  Talk with one of our procurement specialists to get on the fast track to success.

Attend one of our matchmaker events to meet one on one with contracting officers, agencies, and prime contractors that are searching for small businesses like yours.

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