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If you have questions, contact Vincent Zannini at 919-241-1635.

Available Subcontracting Opportunities for Construction and MWBE Business utilization.

Thalle Construction Co. Inc is seeking. Subcontractors, Services, and materials sought construction of: LAKE PURDY DAM STABILITY IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT.

MBE/WBE/DBE are encouraged to participate please reply with your interest, questions and to obtain Controlled contract documents, (Plans and specifications) NDA required

Project information:

Thalle tullygroup – small

Thalle Construction Co Inc.

Owner/Client: Water Works Board of the City of Birmingham Engineering Department

Project Number: P.01034 Capital Budget Number: BP-616-12

Engineering Prepared by Schnabel Engineering, LLC and ARCADIS U.S. Inc

Request for Quote for


Offer Due ASAP or by 5/29/2024 to Thalle Construction Co. Inc

Project Vicinity: (Jefferson and Shelby Counties)

Lat 33°27’35.7″N Long:86°40’06.5″W

Site Access, Via Lake Purday Dam Road & State RT 119, Brimingham AL 34242 (no construction access from Sicard Hollow RD)

Project Scope

Construction of Lake Purdy Darn Stability Improvements Project includes but not limited to the following scope of work:

I . Roadway Construction

a. Site work, grading and widening of the roadway.

b. Construction and installation of roadway erosion and sedimentation control.

c. Installation of chert which includes transportation and excavation of chert from an onsite borrow pit (shown on the Drawings) and placing, grading, and compacting on the roadbed.

d. Installation of a dense grade stone pavement on the entrance road of all graded or new roadbed where chert or other pavement is not applied.

e. Installation of storm pipes along the roadway.

f. Maintenance of roadway throughout the duration of the project.

2. Dam Rehabilitation

a. Demo Iition and disposal of all materials of the existing pole barn in the lay down area.

b. Clearing, grubbing, and grading.

c. Providing and maintaining erosion and sediment control measures, and obtaining stormwater NPDES Permit.

d. Construction of a sedimentation pond and outfall structure.

e. Extending and encasing the existing low-level outlet pipes.

f. Providing reinforced concrete for pipe encasement, stilling basin, training walls, retaining walls, spillway control section, and raising the dam crest.

g. Providing roller compacted concrete (RCC) buttressing of the dam.

h. Installing cast-in-place concrete step-facing system.

1. Installation of earthfill berms for support of non-overflow sections of the darn and temporary levels to serve as grouting platforms .

.I· Performing comprehensive foundation grouting through and underneath the darn.

k. Passive dowels into rock, masonry, and concrete to secure proposed work to foundation and/or existing dam.

I. Conducting CCTV and geo-location of lower inlet pipe at valve house.

m. Repair and sealing of interior walls of valve house.

n. Replacement of valves in valve house and replacement of roof in valve house.

o. Installing filter drains within the earthfill abutments.

p. Constructing earthfill abutments.

q. Miscellaneous site improvements and site piping as required.

r. Other miscellaneous associated items as necessary to complete the work.

Offers and Quotes: Offers are encouraged to be on company letterhead, and include company and contact information, related unit pricing, description of inclusion or exclusion, bond rate for work performed, (DBE/WBE/MBE) business utilization participation and certification(s).

Offer Deadline: Subcontract offers due ASAP or by 5/29/2024 10am

Send via email to Thalle Construction Co Inc with project title in subject line. Please respond ASAP to Thalle Construction Co Inc with you interest or questions and to obtain contract documents. (offers encouraged be received by Thalle Construction Co inc. at least 24 hrs in advance of city bid Opening 5/30/2024 10am)

Anticipated Schedule

Award by City of Birmingham within 90 days after bid opening
Notice to proceed 30 days after execution of contract by the City
Project Substantially complete with 1370 calendar days and Final completion 1430 Calendar days
Contract Documents: Offers are encouraged to review contract documents and or site conditions to prepare offer. Contact Vincent Zannini 919.241.1635 to request access to project contract documents at no cost. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement required for access. Questions are due ASAP or in advance of10 days prior to bid opening

Contract Requirements: All subcontracts will be in compliance with contract documents: note limited to including AIS, EEO, Civil rights, E-Verify, Davis -Bacon Related Acts and wage determinations, BWWB- HUB Program MBE/WBE/DBE , Pursuant to Act 2013-205, Section I (g) the Contractor accounts for the sales tax not included in the Bid Form by submitting an Accounting of Sales Tax-Attachment to BWWB Bid Form. After Notice of Award, Contractor and Subcontractor licensed by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors must comply with ADOR requirements

Business Utilization MBE/WBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate, Work & materials may be combined or divided to facilitate maximum participation. Subcontractors are obliged to sublet to 2nd & 3rd tier DBE subcontractors. Firms needing assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance, obtaining equipment & supplies materials or negotiate joint venture & partnership arrangements, or to inquiry Thalle’s Insurance requirements, payment terms, pre approval for agreements or quickpay, may contact Thalle Construction for business assistance. Thalle will negotiate fairly with interested offers & will not reject firms as unqualified without sound reasons-based on capabilities.

Subcontractor Services and Materials Sought

Div 01 General, Surveying, Environmental Control of water, Construction Material Testing, Temporary Facilities & services,
Div 02 Existing: Demolition pole barn
Div 03 Concrete : Cast-in Place Concrete, Reinforcing, Readmix, RCC aggregates,
Div 05 Metals, Anchors, Structural Steel, Misc. Metal & Fabrications, Railing, gratings, Access hatch
Div 06 Fiberglass Pre-Fabricated Pedestrian Bridge
Div 31 & Div 32 Sitework & Improvements
Site Prep: Clearing and Grubbing, Erosion Control, NPDES permt roaday access & laydown areas, platfroms
Soil & Stone: fill Soils, Sand, Aggregates, topsoil, DGA, Chert, Dump trucking
Earthwork: shoring, Rock excavation, Foundation Prep, Geosynthetics,
Foundation Drilling and grouting, TV inspection
Drainage: Drian pipe and drain board Outlet pipe, RCP, filter drains
PCCP: Portland Cement Concrete Paving
Exterior Improvements: Asphalt paving,
Div 33 Utilities Ductile Iron Pipe, CCTV and geo-loacation
Div 40 Process, Knife Gate Valves & appurtenance

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