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Defense Pricing & Contracting COVID-19 Resources

DPC Announcements

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Limited Exemption and Waiver from Certain Federal Contracting Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Requirements, as of March 17, 2020Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-2019): Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities and National Interest Action (NIA) Code, as of March 13, 2020

DPC Memorandums

Determining and Making Commercial Item Procurements to Respond to COVID-19, dated March 31, 2020Reporting COVID-19 Related Actions to the Federal Procurement Data System, dated March 31, 2020Managing Defense Contracts Impacts of the Novel Coronavirus, dated March 30, 2020Doing Business with the Department – Supporting the Response to COVID-19, dated March 27, 2020Defense Industrial Base Contract Considerations, dated March 20, 2020Contract Place of Performance – Public Health Considerations, dated March 20, 2020Planning for Potential Novel Coronavirus Contract Impacts, dated March 11, 2020Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities – Disaster or Emergency Assistance Activities, dated March 6, 2020Continuation of Essential Contractor Services, dated March 5, 2020

Class Deviations

Class Deviation 2020-O0011 – Submission of Interim Vouchers Under Classified Contracts, dated March 27, 2020
Class Deviation 2020-O0010 – Progress Payment Rates, dated March 20, 2020

USD(A&S) Memorandums

Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, dated March 20, 2020

OMB Resources

OMB Memorandum on Managing Contract Performance Issues Associated with COVID-19, dated March 20, 2020

Military Component Memorandums

USAF – Creative Contracting Techniques for Maintaining Financial Health of DIB, dated March 26, 2020USAF – AF Acquisition Task Force on COVID-19, dated March 25, 2020USAF – Mission Essential Activities during COVID-19, dated March 21, 2020USAF – Department of the Air Force Mission Essential Activities during COVID-19, dated March 17, 2020USN – Use of COVID-19 Language within DON Contracts, dated March 26, 2020USN – (Intent and Direction) Withholds and Retentions During COVID-19, dated March 20, 2020USA – Promoting Resiliency of the DIB during COVID-19 Pandemic (to industry), dated March 24 2020USA – Promoting Resiliency of the DIB during COVID-19 Pandemic (internal), dated March 24 2020USA – Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement) (DASA(P)) Response to the Cornoavirus Disease (COVID-19), dated March 12, 2020

Acquisition Related COVID-19 Resources and Links Provides quick access to key COVID-19 documents of interest to the acquisition community. Joint Staff J-4 site that provides Operational Contract Support information related to COVID-19. (Website is CAC enabled access only.) Enables rapid information-sharing within the acquisition workforce of agency generated artifacts (e.g., templates, best practices) related to COVID-19. (Website is CAC enabled/government authorized access only.)

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